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Private rooms, fully equipped.

No sexual services with directly present persons!

Please no requests from leaks, cleaning staff and house servants!


Appointments are agreed by email and reserved with a deposit on my separate banc account. 

In case of cancellation by the interested party, for organizational reasons, already paid deposits can not be refunded.

Contact and opening hours:


No spontaneous visits!

Only bindingly booked appointments with advance deposit. If an appointment is not taken, the deposit will be forfeited!


The deposit can not be combined with other offers.


If an appointment has been made, but has not yet been scheduled, the interested person will report by e-mail, not later than 1 day before the beginning of my tour, in order to schedule and confirm his meeting. Later messages can not be considered!


If a meeting has already been scheduled, it is imperative that the interested person notify me once more by email one day before his meeting. Later announcements can not be considered due to the preparations.


Inquiries and booking


Apply now by email. In your request should be:




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Please bring your fresh, negative Corona test with you. Alternatively, you can do a rapid corona test in my presence.