Madame Ellen

Toilet Training

Why experiment for a long time, go straight to an expert in toilet matters. ❗❗Attention, scat is a matter of trust. Unfortunately, there are providers who are not passionate about it and who give you laxatives and can make you sick in this way. So be careful ❗❗So that our fetish continues to be fun.

I´m the Expert for vegetarian Gourmet Experiences in smokefree locations. I am a vegetarian and this allows me to donate caviar several times a day, without any tools/supplements.

In your toilet training, you will reach your limits and sometimes you will be on the verge of giving up. If you don't feel it, don't want to overcome your limits, then I advise you not to come to me. Because I'm telling you now, it's going to be hard for beginners! All the more liberating when you can finally live out your toilet fetish under me.

A Toilettraining with me is possible,  klick here and see my tourdates 

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You are new and not jet into the toiletfetish kink, then i recommend you first my video click here where i will explain to you how it works.

Minimum booking time is 2 hours.

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For beginners I recommend the 2hour training. 

For those with some experience i recommend my intensive 3-day toilet training, or my day toilet option, described below.

I have the option of organizing the long-term toilet training at different times. There are more options.

Day toilet from noon to evening click here,

24h toilet,

2 day toilet training,

toilet training over 1 week and longer.


Training in the 3-day intensive toilet training. Be my fulltoilet for several days.


What is the procedure of such a training?

I offer 2 options.


Option 1:

At the agreed time, you will be attending your service from noon to the the evening. This training usually extends over 3 days, but can be extended if necessary. The time between your services you spend in the near, simple hotel. You are expecting my order and will then immediately return to your next day training session on my premises. You will learn the consequent recording of my vegetarian delicacies.


Option 2


On the agreed date you will spend some time, usually 3 days and nights, in my room, which i have rented for this purpose. During this training, you wait locked in a separate room for your use. This is done several times a day. In addition, I will train you to be available to me at night and consistently take everything that I give you.

If you don`t have the time for a 3 day training, then book my option:

Day Time toilet, click here from noon to evening. You stay in my location for this time and i use you several times a day, stuff you with my vegetarian delicous.


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place of residence

Experiences as a toilet slave?



Where, klick here to see my tourplan


for how many days do you want to book my toilet training?

Which of my options? In my tourplan you find out, which option is possible.

!!!The condition is your negative covid test! Alternatively, you can do a rapid corona test in my presence.!!!