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Written on 10.03.2023 at 12:51 by News from Madame Ellen

Interesting for all those who live in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Make the appointment now, April 17 to 21 I will stay at the beautiful Lake Constance. And if you come from further away, just book my 3 day training with overnight stay.


Do you already know my new, here you can fulfill me uncomplicated wishes.

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Written on 23.01.2023 at 12:42 by News from Madame Ellen

I'm still spending a few weeks by the sea, but I'm already planning my next sessions. There are also already a few confirmed reservations, so you should look for a session date soon, so you can enjoy your special experience under me.

In mid-June in Belgium I have the special opportunity to hold tingling sessions together with Chicago Mistress Simone. These dates are very limited as she only visits me for a very short time. So it's best to book early with a deposit.


Do you already know my new, here you can fulfill me uncomplicated wishes.


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Written on 12.12.2022 at 19:27 by News from Madame Ellen

Application as property or personal toilet, humantoilet.

You have the sincere and heartfelt desire to become my property or even my personal toilet on my tours? With all the consequences for your future life? Are you aware of what this means for you and what you give up? You want to quench your deep yearning for leadership and consequence? You are ready to surrender and serve me?

Then enter my custody, under my control! Fulfill your long-cherished longing! I will determine the rules. Of course you will pay a monthly fee and also for the provided equipment and the use of space. This form of education is contractually bound to me.

Your probationary period is 6 months. 

Enjoy this wonderful feeling of giving meaning to your life and serving me.

It will become your life's mission as it has always been your destiny.


So write polite and detailed with all the interesting facts about you, as well as inclinations and taboos. The size of your genitals certainly does not interest me!


What I also want to know about you: name, age, occupation, income, current place of residence.

What experiences have in the SM area?

Already served a mistress? Do you have a partner?

What can you not expect: as my property / personal toilet, you will not live at my house or even with me. Not in my cellar either! Please no applications from licking slaves, cleaning slaves, house slaves.


After a thorough examination of your serious intent I will then decide if you are shortlisted.

For apply click here


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Written on 07.12.2022 at 17:28 by News from Madame Ellen

Soon it will be time for my winter break. Invigorated by fresh sea air, I look forward to seeing you slaves and sharing experiences together in the coming spring.

During my winter break I will still be available by phone. Also a distance education by email is still possible.


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Written on 27.09.2022 at 17:13 by News from Madame Ellen