Madame Ellen

About me

I am Madame Ellen, a German Fetish Clips Producer and  Mistress, also an expert for dirty games. I prefer, also in my clips, toilet fetish.

I successfully train applicants to usable objects. Recommended for men, woman and couples. Just trust in my long experience. 

First of all, I would like to point out that my offer is only aimed at the true fan of a mature, experienced mistress who knows what she is doing with her students.

During your training you will reach your limits and sometimes you will be on the verge of giving up. If you don't feel it, don't want to overcome your limits, then I advise you not to come to me. Because I'm telling you right now, it's going to be hard for beginners. All the more liberating when you can finally live out your fetish under me.

If you are already a gourmet and maybe even share my other preferences, then I look forward to receiving your application and we will have an unforgettable time together.

My offer is aimed primarily at those who enjoy long-term sessions over several hours or days. Experience my dirty caviar dinner by candlelight.


Enjoy my dominant performances as scat Mistress. Enjoy my dirty caviar dinner by candlelight. 


I love the consistent training with fresh vegetarian delicacies. I also offer this special experience as a long-term education.


I recommend my 3 days intensive toilet training. Please note, this is only possible during my tour dates


As a passionate corset wearer I bring my curves to advantage. A must for the pofetist, teacher, assworship, bubble butt fan.


I also enjoy demonstrations of the following types: foot fetish, role playing, flagellation, pet play dogplay, diaper training, use games, cages, chastity, electro stimulant and many more stimulating things!


Personal data

sexuell orientation: bisexuell 

Gender Female

Nationality German

Size (cm): 175

Hair color: blond

Skin color / complexion: light

Shoe size: 39/40

Languages ​​German (mother tongue), English (conversation)

No Smoke, No alc, No meat, pure vegetarian.




Restraints, fixation lounger,  masturbator, wet room, percussion instruments, pillory, toilet chair, AB / DL basic equipment.




Preference / inclinations


3 days intensive toilet training, AB / DL, training to property, anax treatment, anax distension, beginners pleasant, Atexredukxion, supervisor,adult baby education, ballbusting, games of user, bondage, nipple treatment, CBT, humiliation, enamel education, facesitting, remote education, fixation games, flagellation, foot erotic, Geldherrin, high heels, chastity, corset, KV, long-term education, leather, masquerades, military drill, mummification, NS, partner education, pet play - dog - Ponny, Psychofxlter, electrical stimulation, caning education, role playing,  shoe and foot erotic, Pupil - Teacher, Other by arrangement, Spitting, Strap on dildo games,  Titten, Trampling, Verbal erotic, Interrogation, Verslavung, Video production, Demonstration, Wax, Windelerziehung, Zuchtmeisterin, Zwangsentsxmung, Zwangsernähxung.



any kind of sexual services, any kind of illegal things!!

Filmingslave on my tour.  Are you interested? klick here

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Questions and my answers


Do you have your own studio?

No. I only offer meetings during my tours. These take place exclusively in private and discreet rooms. I will have my extensive mobile equipment with me.


Can I come by without an appointment?

No. My appointment is based on my personal time window, which is limited.


How can I ask for a session,coaching, demonstration, sexual counseling?

Quite simply, first contact takes place exclusively by mail. Indicate your inclinations, experiences and taboos (in sexual counseling you describe me your problem) I then decide whether we can enjoy a time together. The prospective customer makes an advance payment of the room and equipment rental, only then is his appointment firmly reserved.


Are long-term education possible?

Yes gladly. I offer, for example my 3 days intensive program in different variants. In addition, long-term education in certain locations with overnight in the dungeon possible.


Questions about the KV experience

Happy beginners. Before each meeting, I have a detailed conversation with you, unless we have previously agreed that we start immediately from the door. Without preliminary talk only for connoisseurs. I eat vegetarian! If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail .

In your request for an appointment should be:




place of residence




Where, when, for how many days do you want to book a treatment?