Madame Ellen

Distance education,online education

Distance education is possible via chat, email, as well as chastity.


For toilet slaves, number slaves, foot slaves, diaper slaves.


The remote education, whether purely by chat or email is a wonderful tool for tingling moments. Suitable as preparation for a Festverklavung, also with Camüberwachung. No matter where you are, you will enjoy the benefits of my knowledgeable education.


You can not and do not want to escape me! I will order! I will control! I will rule! You will execute my orders and let me dominate you! You will follow and wind and humble you for my amusement! You will surrender to me and add, as I please!


The distance does not matter anymore! You will be mine, wherever you are!


Gladly in connection with the remote education: I send now my vegetarian delights. Whether yellow or brown or both or my worn nylons ... just ask.


Apply with taboos and inclinations, experiences as well as everything worth knowing about you, with me by mail.


With your application you accept my rules.