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Written on 13.10.2021 at 17:26 by News from Madame Ellen

As a day toilet, I expect you at noon, at my best time. You will be locked in a room waiting for me to fill you with my vegetarian delicacies several times during this time.

In addition, you can drink my delicious pee several times and let me surprise you with little mean things.

Forget space and time and stress. Let yourself go completely and get out of everyday life for a few hours.

You need some inspiration, then click here

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Written on 21.07.2021 at 14:35 by News from Madame Ellen

you can book now your 3 day Toilettraining, just tell me when and where are you available. Then your dream might come true. If you like, you get filmed, with facemask. I give you some discount on the price and you get your ready made film for private use.

I offer you 2 different options. It also fit good to beginners, cause i`m vegetarian and my poop taste different to others, more mild and good digestible.

Option 1:

At the agreed time, you will be attending your service from noonto till the evening. This training usually extends over 3 days, but can be extended if necessary. The time between your services you spend in the near, simple hotel. You are expecting my order and will then immediately return to your next training session on my premises. You will learn the consequent recording of my vegetarian delicacies.


Option 2


On the agreed date you will spend some time, usually 3 days and nights, in my house. During this training, you wait locked in a special room for your use. This is done several times a day. In addition, I will train you to be available to me at night and consistently take everything that I give you.

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Written on 23.05.2021 at 18:14 by News from Madame Ellen

Next good news in these hard times.

I`m fully vaccinated now.

So let`s look forward together for good kinky times.

I got my 4rd vaccination already. 2022

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Written on 29.01.2021 at 19:00 by News from Madame Ellen

order your delicous, made with passion, fresh from my source.

I send to the EU countries with extra shipping cost.

Shipping to other countries outside the EU, is not possible, cause customs-clearance and control are too time-consuming.   sorry for that.